• A medical record is kept for each child
  • the Centre maintains a full immunisation Record which is regularly updated.
  • the Centre has a policy of exclusion of children who are not immunised when a particular disease is present or uspected at the Centre.
  • the Centre has a clothing and sun policy – NO HAT, NO SUN PROTECTION- NO PLAY OUTSIDE.
  • sick children are comforted and separated from other children. We immediately notify the sick child's parents and ask them to collect their child as soon as possible.
  • medication must be written in the Medication Book by the parents and the signed medicine must be labelled in original container and put in the Medicine Box by the child's parents.


  • every accident must be written in the Accident Book.
  • First Aid will be applied if necessary.
  • parents will be told about the accident.
  • if the Centres staff consider that child is in need of any medical attention we have consent from parents to have   a medical practitioner attend to the child. If necessary we will call for an ambulance.


Hygiene staff actively promote children's hand washing - on arrival, before eating, after going to the toilet and after handling animals

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Children's first teeth are important because, apart from being needed for chewing and speaking, they help to keep spaces for the permanent teeth. Dental care is systematically put into the children’s learning program.  Twice a year a dental nurse visits the centre to promote dental care.


Immunisation is the main tool for the prevention of infectious diseases in young children.

The centre believes in protecting children from infectious diseases where possible and therefore will maintain immunisation records for each child. Parents who immunise their child will be asked to complete records on enrolment and update these as appropriate. Parents of un-immunised children will be asked to state that in writing.

Children must be immunised according to the current immunisation schedule. Updated Immunisation Booklets, with information is available to every parent.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all children attending our centre are protected from skin damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun using sun smart policy.


Our nutricious meals and snacks are prepared on site. To provide children with meals and snacks that are safe, appetising and consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for children and provide at least 50% of RDI for all nutrients.  Our centre took participation (from 2003) in the Start Right Eat Right Award.

All staff are trained in food hygiene with food safety practices in place. An eating environment that is safe, positive and supports healthy eating for children.