Our Philosophy

  • All children are viewed in a balanced way as individuals with many competencies and interests, as well as needs with additional needs.

  • Parents are a valuable source of information.

  • There are effective strategies for communicating with parents involvement in the Centre at a level, parents find comfortable.

  • Children will have access to learning experiences that will assist them to grow developmentally in the following areas:

- Children have a strong sense of identity

- Children are connected and contribute to their world

- Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

- Children are confident and involved learnes

- Children are effective communicators



  • Children have the right to nurture and warmth, trust and respect, be valued as individuals, accommodate their diverse abilities, social, language and cultural backgrounds.

  • Children have the right to a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

  • Children learn through play and through active involvement with others.

  • Children between two and three years old are at the stage when development is particularly rapid.

  • Children are unique, curious, knowledgeable individuals.

  • Children learn best through participation.

  • Children's eating habits in the first years lay the foundation for future health.

  • Children need access to solitude and privacy.


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