Staff recognise that a child's transition from home to the centre is an important time and work to ease that transition so a new child can be helped to settle quickly
Staff recognise the importance of both parents and children's feelings at this time and will accept these feelings and make themselves available to listen.

Parents are encouraged to spend time visiting the centre with their child prior to leaving them for the first time.

Where possible, the Child Care Coordinator and appropriate Primary caregiver will work with the parents to plan a series of visits to support the child and parent and to familiarise them with the centre staff, routines, procedures and activities.

The assigned Primary caregiver (educator) plays an active and ongoing role in gathering information that will help to provide continuity of care and education between home and centre.

Primary Educators regularly discuss with the family how their child is adjusting and they plan together to support the child settling in.
Where a child is having difficulty with transition, parents will be encouraged to stay until the child has been able to form an attachment with staff or is able to manage without undue stress.

Staff will communicate with parents to learn about their child, in order to respond sensitively and culturally appropriately to each child's individual needs. Where possible, familiar routines around sleep, feeding and comforting will be adopted by the staff.
Comfort objects from home will be encouraged and be available for the child.

Where a child shows signs of trauma over separation the staff will continue close consultation with parents and also seek other advice, in the best interests of the child and their future separations.

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Parent orientation evening (at the Kindy House) for the parents and children progressing from the Baby House to Kindy House (during every intake).

With parents approval the assistant director (from the Baby House) will arrange an evening and time with the director (from the Kindy House)
Parents will meet the staff from the Kindy House (the child's Primary caregiver), become familiar with policies, procedures and routines and will update their enrolment form.

Access to the centres is via code entry door. The code is only available to parents or those authorised to collect children.

You and your child care staff and partners, working together to make sure your child develops and learns in an interesting and secure environment. Any valuable information can help the staff support your child. Parents are regularly informed via child’s communication book received by start day.

At Nanna’s Child Care Centre we always strive to provide the highest quality child care possible. We endeavour to carry out our work in a professional manner being sensitive and responsive to the needs of families. If there are any aspects of the centre that you are not happy with please inform the Director. The centre has a grievance policy available to all parents.

Exchange of information between staff and parents is very active in our centre. We believe that communication between parents and the staff is very important and each is a resource to the other.

The staff exchanges information verbally with parents on arrival and departure. We also write information in the Individual Communication Book – at parent’s request. Educators discuss with parents their child’s development in greater detail. Written development details are given to parents every six months. The parents of children with additions needs receive development details more frequently. March and September we are holding Parents/Staff interviews.


  • Is participating in National Quality Framework which aims to provide children with highest quality of care that best promotes their learning and development in the vital early years. For more details about National Quality Framework visit www.acecqa.gov.au
  • Also participating in the Start Right – Eat Right Award

Parents are always informed of any changes relating to the Centre’s policies, procedures or management, via letters or a periodic publication ‘NANNA’S NEWSLETTER’. In addition to this information is always displayed on the notice board.
During the year we are holding Parent Information Nights where staff and families get together to exchange knowledge and ideas about their children and the centre.

Several times a year families are invited to have fun together at our Christmas Party, Concert, and Disco etc.
All parents are very welcome to attend all meetings, help at working bees and fund raising activities.
All families and other family members are welcome to visit our centre at any time.

Child Care benefits available to all qualifying families. To assess fees payable, the Department of Social Security will require evidence of income before issuing an Assessment Notice.
We are a service licensed by the Department of Education and Children’s Services. A copy of the license is on display in the foyer.